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Quickly monitor real time profit

With the tap of a finger, like a boss.

Facebook Ads, product cost, overhead

Scroll down to get up to date spending data.

Keep a pulse on your business

At any time with no excuses

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Integrates With

Google ads and more integrations available post launch!

Facebook ads



Google (post launch)


calculates all your stores expenses so you don't have to.

Quickly see your Facebook ads spend, product cost, apps and more all in one simple dashboard.


Accountify Now!

For Example:


Analyze sales

like never before.

Accountify breaks down your store's expenses into 3 parts.

  • Cost of sales
  • Advertising
  • Overhead


see where your sales are coming from.

US and world maps show your sales and customers by location.

  • Quick Tip: Create custom ads targeting your best selling locations then add a custom message to get higher engagement, like "Hello California :) We have a special deal for you!"

Review profit per order

quickly and efficiently.

Know exactly how much you made on every order and see which products were most profitable.

Identify & scale

your most profitable products.

Easily identify your most profitable products fast. Sort product sales data by collection, profitability, returns and more.

Weed out apps you don't need,

costing you money.

Import subscription fees for Shopify and other Shopify apps with a few clicks. You can add other expenses too!

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    Orders per month is based on two month average

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  • 10 - 100 orders a month
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  • Pro
  • 101 - 500 orders a month
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    Orders per month is based on two month average

  • Hacker
  • 501+ orders a month
  • $ 29.99

    Orders per month is based on two month average